September 3, 2014


I actually went to see Divergent at the cinema before I’d even heard that it was a book and you know what? I thought the film was awful; really unimpressive, boring and uneventful. So why did I choose to read the book after deciding that the film was, well, pants? Curiosity, I suppose; I had, by now, seen the buzz that the novels were getting on the internet and couldn’t match the hype with the incredible disappointment that was the film. So was Divergent all it was cracked up to be, or was the film adaptation a reflection of things to come?

We’re in post apocalyptic Chicago in which society has been divided into five factions based upon character type; Amity the faction promoting kindness, Candor where truth is valued above all, Erudite in which knowledge is key, Abnegation whose members are completely selfless, and Dauntless for the brave.

Meet Beatrice Prior, a sixteen year old Abnegation member. She doesn’t feel like she fits in but that’s okay, she’s about to undertake an aptitude test that will determine the faction for which she is best suited.  Things don’t go too smoothly for Beatrice when she takes the test, however. Instead of testing positive for just one faction, she tests positive for three. She is Divergent.

In this world, she is warned by her tester, Divergence is dangerous and Beatrice must keep the knowledge to herself. Hiding in plain sight within the walls of her chosen faction, Beatrice must pass initiation to escape the destitution of the factionless.  But there are things happening in the world, happening to the Divergent that threaten to pull apart the fabric of the only existence that Beatrice has ever known.