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This edition of Books From My Travels includes Tin Tin and the BFG!

The OH and I have been travelling in Belgium recently. We’ve visited Hasselt, Antwerp and Brussels so far; it’s been a wonderful break from reality. Of course, I couldn’t come away from our day trips without a bookish souvenir or two and similarly I couldn’t resist purchasing some Tintin from the land that birthed us Hergé.

I got it in French because I stand a greater chance of being able to read it some time soon, rather than if it were in Dutch (since my skills there are limited to “hello”, “goodbye” and “thank you”).

I bought Les Aventures de Tintin – Reporter Du “Petit Vingtieme”- Au Pays Des Soviets from a lovely bookshop, Brüsel, on the Boulevard Anspach (Anspachlaan). I could have spent a fortune in there. Ideally I would have come away with something Smurf-y too, but funds got in the way. I’m already planning a return trip next year, for which I’m preparing a shopping list!

If you follow me on Instagram, you might have already seen that I also acquired a Dutch copy of the BFG (GVR) too. Well, to be more precise the book belongs to my BF, but it deserves a mention here I think.  He had wanted to get it when we visited Amsterdam in September, but something stopped him so he was pleased to get it this time.

We got the GVR (Grote Vriendelijke Reus) from Standaard Boekhandel in the town of Hasselt, which we had made our base. It’s a lovely little town in the Limburg region of Belgium where no one really speaks fluent English, which meant we had to practice our Dutch skills!

What do you think to books as souvenirs, a waste if you can’t read them or a great memory?