Today’s book review is for Kat Richardson’s Greywalker.

I picked this up from my local library on a whim; at the time I was suffering from severe reader’s block and wanted something in a familiar genre. I love me some vampire/demon/ghost-y action so figured that Greywalker would hit the spot.

It was good, not ground-breaking or especially gripping but an interesting urban fantasy read. It feels a little dated in parts but that’s not the writer’s fault, she writes about the technology of the time and we just so happen to have moved on in the past decade. (It was published in 2006, a whole 9 years ago- we’ve seen the release of smartphones, eBooks and tablet computers since then).

So, it’s called Greywalker because after an accident that is briefly covered at the beginning of the novel, that sees Harper Blaine (isn’t that such a badass name?) almost die, this is what she becomes. I wont go into to too much detail for fear of spoilers but there’s something close to Sixth Sense about it, but creepier.

Harper is a private detective with a pet ferret- yes a pet ferret- an addition to the storyline that is not unpleasant but a little…strange… maybe. Nevertheless, she’s a fairly believable character and relatable too- she has a job to do and she does it to pay the bills, she has relationships which she isn’t necessarily all that lucky with and on top of that she’s having a hard time not freaking out about the supernatural. Who wouldn’t?!

The rest of the novel’s characters are pretty flat though which is hugely disappointing,

Not surprisingly, since it’s urban fantasy, Harper’s client’s are a little more on the spooky side post near-death experience and she finds herself wrapped up in the world of witches, vampires, ghosts and the Grey. There’s a missing person’s storyline and the hunt for a precious antique that turns out to be so much more than it at first appears.

I find the world building a little lack lustre but there are some interesting magical concepts throughout and despite a slow moving plot the story’s conclusion paves the way for the series to improve and I’ve heard that it does.

I’d give this a firm 6 out of 10 and I’ll definitely pick up the next in the series once I’ve waded through my ever increasing TBR pile!



Writing Style






        Page Turner



          • Interesting magic/mythology
          • Harper a believeable character


          • Slow
          • First person narration
          • A little dated now