2016 Resolutionr

A belated* HAPPY NEW YEAR, everyone!

*This post was meant to go out quite a few days ago but I’ve been having problems with WordPress scheduling and posts just keeping missing their scheduled posting time.

So it’s that time of year again folks; we’ve said a hearty goodbye to 2015 (in my case, by watching Jools Holland’s Annual Hootenanny on the sofa with a glass of juice and some crisps- rock and roll!) and in the spirit of tradition many of us are welcoming the new year by making resolutions for 2016. Now, I’m not typically one for making new year’s resolutions; I’ve tried to say that I’ll lose weight, exercise, eat more healthy, cut out sugar etc. and I give up around 1 or 2 weeks in, every year without fail.

With that in mind, this year I’m taking a different approach to my new year’s resolutions; in 2016 I’m going to be making Reading Resolutions instead. So for those of you who were thinking of doing similar, here’s my list of 2016 reading resolutions along with suggestions on how to achieve them.

2016 Resolutions

Resolution 1 : READ MORE. Last year I failed miserably at trying to achieve my 50 book goal. I read 35. I couldn’t get myself out of a particularly bad recurring reading slump; moving house, going to uni and changing jobs have all contributed to a dwindling desire to read in 2015. But not to fear! 2016 is a new year and as it begins, I am writing from my permanent home having completed my postgraduate diploma and three months in to a new job! A horribly long commute to work means that I have the luxury of being able to read for about 2 hours a day now and I intend to do it because, and I’m sure I don’t have to tell you guys; reading is good for your brain!!

So the first resolution is to read more books. I’ve set the same goal as last year; to read at least 50 books in 2016 and this year I am determined to achieve that. I’ll be sharing what I’ve read in my monthly wrap ups, but if you’d like to follow what I’m reading in (somewhat) real time then you can follow my progress on my Goodreads account. I’d love it if we could be friends over at Goodreads; I’d love to see what all of you have been reading and your thoughts and opinions on books that I’m thinking of picking up.

Resolution 2 : READ DIVERSE BOOKS. It’s no secret that the publishing industry has an issue with diversity, for example, in 2014 no major publishing house had a woman or person from a BAME background as their C.E.O. (I suspect that this hasn’t changed in the months since). It’s no wonder then that the majority of what I read features predominantly white characters that have been written in the most part by white authors. So, for me, I feel that 2016 is a year for change at least as far as my reading habits are concerned. So for this resolution, I’d like to read a spectrum of books that reflect our global society and to that end I am hoping that I can support authors from diverse backgrounds by reading the stories that they have to tell.

I’d like to make it clear that by diverse, I mean I’d like to read books written by authors from different ethnicities, cultures, religions, genders and those from the LGBT+ community as well as authors who identify as disabled/differently abled. Additionally, I’d like to read books featuring characters that are also ethnically, culturally and religiously diverse as well as those from the LGBT+ community, those with disabilities, and books featuring strong female characters.

We Need Diverse Books is a campaign to see more diversity in the characters authors write and championing diverse authors, specifically in the area of children’s and Young Adult fiction. Their website features recommendations for books to read as well as information about how you can get involved in the campaign and more!

Resolution 3: READ MY LIBRARY. For those of you who don’t know, for my day job I’m a High School Librarian. It’s a relatively new job that I only started in September 2015 and as such I’m not overly familiar with what stock is sitting on my shelf. Of course, The library has the usual suspects but there’s a whole bunch of books by authors I am ashamed to say that I don’t know, and entire series that I’ve never read. So I’m making it my aim in 2016 to read at least 1 book a month from my library and I’m calling this resolution #ReadMyLibrary. I’ll be blogging about my adventures in reading my library right here, once every month.

Resolution 4 : BLOG MORE this is something that I wish that I had been on top of since I started this blog in 2014. Life gets in the way though and for the same reasons that I’ve been stuck in a fluctuating reading slump, I have been able to post with any kind of consistency. I’m hoping that this year will be the year that I can really get Dewey Girl going.

So that’s about it for my reading resolutions in 2016. Keep your fingers crossed for me and please share below what resolutions you’ve made for the coming year, reading or non reading related!