Hi everyone! So, I’m super happy to announce that I’m going to be a part of the UKYACX Blog Tour! That’s the UK Young Adult and Children’s Extravaganza to those who are acronym unaware!

I’ll be joining a whole bunch of other book bloggers who will be writing features about different YA and Children’s authors in the weeks leading up to the event. UKYACX takes place on the 17th September from 10am until 5pm at Newcastle City Library. I’m hoping to be there and I’m super excited that it’s being held in the North of England just 2 hours from where I live. Brilliant! Come to Leeds next time, UKYACX folks!

My spot is on Monday 12th of September. I’ll be working with Sara Grant author of the Chasing Danger action series. Sara’s already got a shout out over at A Little But A Lot so if that doesn’t speak to how great she is, I don’t know what does!

The full line up consists of Young Adult and Middle Grade authors. It’s over the 1st of September at Kerry Drewery’s Tumblr to the 16th September at Tales of Yesterday. The line up  is as follows:

UKYACX Blog Tour

For further details on how to get in on all of the YA and Children’s Lit fun, follow UKYACX @UKYACX or visit them at their website. Tickets are available at Seven Stories or on their website. The bundle deal to attend both the YA and Children’s Lit events is just £5 per ticket! Absolute Bargain!

I can’t wait until my slot on the tour arrives and I’m really excited for the 17th September when I hope to be live tweeting the event for those who aren’t able to make it.

Watch this space!